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Do you know about Mekarsari amazing tourism park ?… It’s a big park in Cileungsi Bogor. Mrs Tien Soeharto initiate on 1991. Mekarsari have 7 interesting zone :
1. Water Zone,
you can visit to lotus garden, palm garden, lakeside camp park, cipicung lake, mekasari island, palm outbound, boat tour, water games (giant buble, aqua bike, canoeing floating donat, banana boat, dragon boat, water bike, fruity boat, jet ski), shelter of train lake.
2. Family Zone,
There are Graha Krida Sari (information center), garden center, pardiso park, family garden, theater of Dewi Sri, tower view, valley play, country side, wiratama lake, the port, fruits shop.
3. Mediteran Exotic Zone,
There are mediteran and oasis park, garden of rare plants, Leo tree house, cycling tour
4. Central Park,
You can visit to plaza fountain, building waterfalls, garden waterfalls, camp park
5. Greenland zone,
nursey and buterfly house, melon garden tours, saung adem, conservation park deer, snakefruits garden tours, water garden, pilgrimage park, starfruit garden tours.
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Sunset at Jimbaran

Miss this moments. Look the sunset, eat, drink and laugh together

Lagu Cinta – Dewa

Aku jatuh cinta,’tuk kesekian kali
Baru kali ini ku rasakan cinta sesungguhnya,
Tak seperti dulu
Kali ini ada pengorbanan

…Reff :
Cinta bukan sekedar kata-kata indah
Cinta bukan sekedar buaian belaian peraduan
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Tentang Seseorang

Dia ada sebelum mereka
Dia datang dan pergi
Tiada satu pun yang tahu
Hanya aku dan hati

Segumpal kekaguman
Dalam lubuk hati
Dari jumpa pertama
Hingga detik ini
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I’am shock. His friend resign. I have this feeling about few days ago.  Sad, of course. I Hope you’ll success in the future. thanks be my friend. Love you always.

There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away

And then a hero comes along With the strength to carry on And …you cast your fears aside And you know you can survive So when you feel like hope is gone Look inside you and be strong And you’ll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you
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British Toastmaster Club

Do you know British Toastmaster Club ? It’s a club to learn about public speaking. Intonation, body style, language and all that you need to increase your speech.
In few weeks ago, I have received invitation from my office mate to present on her club at WTC Sudirman. It’s a mask party, and everyone must used a masquerade. It’s my first time to present in a club, where all members speak with english languange, althought just small talk.
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