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Pray for Japan

Has occurred 8.9 magnitude earthquakes and tsunami in japan on Friday, 11 March 2011 – 2.46 PM. Epicenter in 373 km northeast tokyo with depth 24 km.

The northeast Sendai city, have most victim. estimated, 612 person died and 700 person missing ( until 12 March 2011). Except that, has occurred nuclear reactor leak in Fukushima. This earthquakes, make the Honshu island, scrape 8 feet or 2,4 meters. You can see from the coastline imaging. Honshu island is a big island in Japan. Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka include in the Honshu island.

Japan is a big country with good human resource, hight technology has been builded, including anti earthquakes building. But, God have a power and human being powerless. Now, all of human in the world help to Japan. Pray for Japan from deep inside of my heart.


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