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British Toastmaster Club

Do you know British Toastmaster Club ? It’s a club to learn about public speaking. Intonation, body style, language and all that you need to increase your speech.
In few weeks ago, I have received invitation from my office mate to present on her club at WTC Sudirman. It’s a mask party, and everyone must used a masquerade. It’s my first time to present in a club, where all members speak with english languange, althought just small talk.

Sometimes, in my office, I’m talk english with my guest from Belgia, Australia and Israel (vendor of Retalix), but the topic is about scope of work. And I’m understand only 80% persen, but if I want say a question (long question), I difficult translate in english :(. So, I think, if I can join to this club, it’s make me dare to speak in english, and I will have  a lot of knowledge, new experience and friends too.
But I still have one problem. I don’t have enough confidence and shy to do it :P.
So, what can I do ?


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