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Do you know about Mekarsari amazing tourism park ?… It’s a big park in Cileungsi Bogor. Mrs Tien Soeharto initiate on 1991. Mekarsari have 7 interesting zone :
1. Water Zone,
you can visit to lotus garden, palm garden, lakeside camp park, cipicung lake, mekasari island, palm outbound, boat tour, water games (giant buble, aqua bike, canoeing floating donat, banana boat, dragon boat, water bike, fruity boat, jet ski), shelter of train lake.
2. Family Zone,
There are Graha Krida Sari (information center), garden center, pardiso park, family garden, theater of Dewi Sri, tower view, valley play, country side, wiratama lake, the port, fruits shop.
3. Mediteran Exotic Zone,
There are mediteran and oasis park, garden of rare plants, Leo tree house, cycling tour
4. Central Park,
You can visit to plaza fountain, building waterfalls, garden waterfalls, camp park
5. Greenland zone,
nursey and buterfly house, melon garden tours, saung adem, conservation park deer, snakefruits garden tours, water garden, pilgrimage park, starfruit garden tours.

You can go to Mekarsari by car, motorcyle or public transportation. I go to Mekarsari by public transportation. From Kampung Rambutan bus station, I go to with mini bus number 121 (track Kp.Rambutan-Cileungsi). Tariff is 4000 IDR per person. Until Cileungsi, I change with others bus. Track that blue bus is Cileungsi-Jonggol . I stop at Mekarsari and pay 3000 IDR per person.
So here we are, at Mekarsari. I must pay admisson 15.000 IDR per person. If you bring cars or motorcycle you must pay more. Inside, you can feel cool, because there are many trees. You can rent bicycle or family train. Or you can go to Graha Krida Sari. It’s information center, so you can ask about Mekarsari tours and facilties. You can see most of picture artis and goverment official, Mrs Tien Soeharto statue, some of antique goods, and green land tours waiting rooms.
Next, you must go to ticket place. You can buy Green land tour or regular ticket. Regular ticket is fee of train 15.000 IDR. You can go around to Mekarsari zone. But if you choice Green land tour, you must pay 50.000 IDR and you can get 2 fruits voucher, 1 seed voucher, 1 drink voucher, free train ticket and 1 souvenir voucher. So I choice the Green land tour and go to Green land tour waiting rooms at Graha Krida Sari. Waiting and waiting until his officer call and ask to us go to the Green land train.


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